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Combining age groups together, those aged 14 and below, consisting of the the young dependent population which include infants/babies, children and young adolescents/teenagers, make up an aggregate of 27.07% (30,322). Those aged 15 up to 64, roughly, the economically active population and actual or potential members of the work force, constitute a total of 68.33% (76,533). Finally, old dependent population consisting of the senior citizens, those aged 65 and over, total 4.60% (5,153) in all.

The computed Age Dependency Ratios mean that among the population of Los Baños, there are 40 youth dependents to every 100 of the working age population; there are 7 aged/senior citizens to every 100 of the working population; and overall, there are 46 dependents (young and old-age) to every 100 of the working population.

The median age of 26 indicates that half of the entire population of Los Baños are aged less than 26 and the other half are over the age of 26.