18-GOODS-20IB - Various Rescue EquipmentDownload
18-GOODS-30IB - Supply and Delivery of 3 Units Mini DumptruckDownload
18-GOODS-34IB - 2 Units Rescue VehicleDownload
18-GOODS-41IB - Engine for 10 Wheeler TruckDownload
18-GOODS-43IB - 1 Unit 12 Wheeler DumptruckDownload
18-GOODS-44IB - Day Care Feeding Program Part 1Download
18-GOODS-45IB - Day Care Feeding Program Part 2Download
18-GOODS-46IB - Ingredients for Supplemental Feeding ProgramDownload
18-GOODS-47IB - IT Equipment for Various OfficesDownload
18-GOODS-48IB - Dental SuppliesDownload
18-GOODS-49IB - Supply and Delivery of Drug Free StickersDownload
18-GOODS-50IB - MO Grocery Items for Damayan sa KapwaDownload
18-GOODS-51IB - SB Grocery Items for Damayan sa KapwaDownload
18-GOODS-52IB - Protective Gears and GadgetsDownload
18-GOODS-53IB - Various Equipment for MDRRMO MonitoringDownload
18-GOODS-53IB - Quick Monitoring Equipment for Bagong Silang, Los Baños, LagunaDownload
18-GOODS-55IB - Solar Panel for RHUDownload
18-GOODS-57IB - 415 Cavans of Rice for Damayan sa KapwaDownload
18-GOODS-58IB - Medicines for 4th QuarterDownload
18-GOODS-60IB - Textbooks and Instructional MaterialsDownload
18-INFRA-11IB - Construction of Drug Rehabilitation FacilityDownload
18-INFRA-16IB - Road Widening Along San Luis Ave., Tuntungin, Los Baños, LagunaDownload
18-INFRA-17IB - Rehabilitation of Mayondon Sports ComplexDownload
18-INFRA-18IB - Construction of San Antonio-Maahas Bridge Phase IDownload
18-INFRA-19IB - Construction of San Antonio-Maahas Bridge Phase IIDownload
18-INFRA-20IB - Rehabilitation of Road in Los Baños SubdivisionDownload
18-INFRA-21IB - Rehabilitation of Road in Diamond St., ExtensionDownload
18-INFRA-22IB - Rehabilitation of Road at Collegeville, Tuntungin, Los Baños, LagunaDownload
18-NEGO-011 Unit Mini DumptruckDownload
18-NEGO-02Construction of Lay By Infront of Lopez, Bayog, and Mayondon ESDownload
18-NEGO-03Drug Free StickersDownload
18-NEGO-04Engine for 10 Wheeler TruckDownload
18-NEGO-05Improvement of Paciano Rizal ParkDownload
18-NEGO-06Machinery and Equipment for AgricultureDownload
18-NEGO-07Nutrition Feeding ProgramDownload